Stranger than Fiction – Auditor Delves into Literature to Dodge Death

Will Ferrell plays Harold Crick, a stiff yet warm hearted tax auditor, who leads a calm and structured life on his own, with only a wrist watch as close company. The wrist watch does not say much, but still plays an important role in the story. One day Harold hears a female voice narrate his every action, a bit disturbing, to say the least. And when his narrator goes on to say “little did he know that this simple, seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death”, he is shaken to his core. Harold needs to find out why he is on a path that will lead to his imminent death, and also who is leading him there. With the aid of a professor of literature, played by Dustin Hoffman, he delves into the literary world of heroes and anti-heroes and searches through themes and motifs to figure out what type of a story he is in. Also, he tries to figure out whether he is in a tragedy or a comedy.

The movie has elements of comedy and tragedy at the same time, lots of quirky and funny scenes and great characters. It is a warm story of love, life and death and of making the most of your life while you can. And, of course, it’s about literature and writing. Some of the most interesting scenes are those with Emma Thompson, who plays the neurotic writer, where she struggles against writer’s block and tries to find just the right way to kill Harold Crick.


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