Secret technology, strange vehicles and adventures on distant planets…

… in Jack Vance’s The Five Gold Bands. This is one of my latest finds at my favourite second hand bookstore. The cover caught my eye, but it was the sub-title that sold the book – “The biggest manhunt in galactic history”. How could I resist a story of these epic proportions? (And at a mere cost of ten swedish crowns, I saw no reason to either.”

The greenish yellow color of the cover is almost nauseating. I get the feeling that this is a hostile, dangerous environment. The vehicle is awesome, but I can’t help but wonder what the dome on top of the roof is for? Probably has some kind of purpose…

Part of the description of the back:

Earth lacked the secret of the interstellar space drive. So when it turned out that the galaxy was chock full of wealthy planets and haughty aliens who had the star drive, it made our native world a backward place indeed.

The Five Gold Bands tells the story of how Paddy Blackthorne, from Earth, goes on a quest to get hold of the technology behind “star drive”. I’m guessing it’s worth reading, I mean “The biggest manhunt in galactic history” does create high expectations. Up until now I’ve only read Vance’s Tales of the Dying Earth, which I liked a lot.  


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