And now I’ve finally finished editing…

… my novel. Wow. At long last. It took a while longer than I had expected, but now I feel that I am done with this particular story. A great feeling. Now to print and send to a few selected publishers.

One of the best aspects of finishing a novel or short story is the thrill in setting off to work with a new story, that next idea that has been brewing in one’s mind for some time. New ideas always seem to sparkle and shine, beautiful and perfect unlike the often flawed and dull ideas that made up the novel you’ve just been working on. Strange, isn’t it?




2 thoughts on “And now I’ve finally finished editing…

  1. Congratulations! That’s quite an acheivement. šŸ™‚
    I know just what you mean about the dulling of ideas. I think the phrase “Familiarilty breeds contempt” more or less sums it up. Doesn’t mean that they won’t shine for someone reading them for the first time though, and it’s pretty much impossible for an author to experience that with their own work, as you’ve been through the slow slog of getting it on paper.

    • That phrase sums it up well. Indeed, as a writer of a text it is impossible to appreciate it the way a reader does, since everything is already revealed, sort of.

      And, boring as it may be to edit and work those days when the text and idea seems more or less dead, it is a truly exciting journey to start with an idea for a story and follow it until complete and told. I’ve never ended up where I expected.

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