Towards distant stars…

Cover of the Week:

Farthest Star, The Saga of Cuckoo (1976) av Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson.

Description from the back:

There was no shortage of danger on Cuckoo.

20, 000 light years away, the enormous flat surface of Cuckoo travelling at one-sixth the speed of light aimed arrow-straight at the galaxy.

Sun One sent the space probe Aurora with a crew of replicates, both human and alien, to intercept. It was a doomed ship.

Yet from that mission came Ground Station One, peopled by tachyon transmission, its crew impatient to explore the menace of Cuckoo.

Towards them flee a young nomadic wingman, a redbearded giant, and a replicate Ben Yale Pertin intent only on survival, until a frightened girl screams for help…

I bought this book at a second-hand book shop earlier this week and have not read it yet. Sounds interesting (though a bit clichĂ© with that last sentence where reluctant Ben is only concerned about his own survival until he hears the desperate plea for help from a frightened girl…). The cover art is beautiful, where the white dust clouds float together in soft shapes, with sharp contrasts between that pale pink sphere and the blackness of the background.